The Problem

I am trying to solve the problem of accessibility and inclusivity of learning art history in art galleries. People with visual impairments, cognitive disabilities, or language barriers may face challenges in accessing and comprehending the art history information.


The Goal

Create an app that allows users to have alternative forms of engagement through the app like audio descriptions and interactive displays to ensure inclusivity. 


My Role

Being the lead UX designer designing an app for Art Access art history app from conception to delivery.,

Paper Wireframes

Sketching out screen ideas on paper helped the team create user-friendly digital wireframes. We focused on simple navigation for the home screen, making it easier for users to learn within the app quickly.

Stars were used to mark the elements of each sketch that would be used in the initial digital wireframes.

Creating a Persona:

Problem statement: As an art history teacher, I want to provide my students with a deep understanding of art, so that they can have a meaningful appreciation for it.

Mapping Steve’s user journey revealed how helpful it would be users to have access to the Art Access app.

Low-Fidelity Prototype:

The low-fidelity prototype connected primary user flows of learning and quizzing yourself on art history.

View the Art History App Low-Fidelity Prototype:


The home page needed a cleaner design so it would be clear to users to navigate to each section of the app. The design needed more color and contrast for easier reading, makes for a more visually appealing app experience.

The second usability study revealed the struggle with the profile page being too busy with too much information. Cleaning up the page, the user can now find what they need easier.

Final Mockup Designs

High-Fidelity Prototype for the Art Access App:

The final high-fidelity prototype presented cleaner user flows for learning art and art history.

View the Art Access App:



The Impact:

The app makes users feel like Art Access makes for an engaging, interactive, and fun learning experience of artworks and art history. 

One quote from feedback:

“The app turns art into an unforgettable journey of discovery through technology."

What I learned:

While designing the Art Access app, I learned that accessibility and user testing is just some of the few steps in a larger project to complete a better user experience for learning art history.

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